Good News in These Bad Times

By Way of Introduction
A Little Sanctuary  (lyrics)  (chords)
I Believe, Help My Unbelief  (lyrics)  (chords)  (capo chords) 
Shovels and Spoons  (lyrics)
Nail Scarred Hands
O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done?
Black River (Glorious Day)  (lyrics)  (chords) 
Solomon Seeks Wisdom
Hard Time, Traveling Blues
Theme for the Weary Traveler 
Yes! The Lord Leads Me (No! I Shall Not Want)  (lyrics)  (chords)  (capo chords)  
Lullaby (An American Hymn)
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
Holy, Holy, Holy  (lyrics)  (chords)  (capo chords)